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Skype says service stabilized

December 25, 2010 Leave a comment

23 December 2010 last updated at 6: 13 pm Skype sign in screen, AFP/Getty Skype was offline for almost two days for some people. Free Internet telephone service Skype says it ‘stabilize’ its service after a two-day outage.

Set in a blog post up too late to 23 December it said handling it 90% of its volume was typical call.

Audio, video and instant messaging systems running over the Skype network normally carried out, it was said.

Skype, said the error by a “software problem” to critical parts of its network was created.

“We take outages like this seriously and apologize for the inconvenience,” said Skype CEO Tony Bates BBC News.

The company said in a blog post that you its paying customers would offer compensation in the form of call credit vouchers.

The only services links for fix were offline instant messaging and video Group calls. He said that problems offline took the service were caused by a malicious attack. It hopes to publish a more detailed explanation in the near future.

Business failure

In a previous post, the company said that the problem is caused by a number of “Supernode” error. This “Act a bit like telephone directories” that said company, transfer traffic between users.

“If you want to talk to someone and can not find your Skype app immediately (for example, because you connect from another location or another device) your computer or phone will first try to find a supernode to figure you out like to achieve,” read it.

“Under normal circumstances, there are available a large number of supernodes.” “Unfortunately, many of you offline due to a problem today were some versions of Skype, taken.”

The company said its engineers tried had to “Supernodes of mega”, to create the problem.

BBC readers Igor Hnatko, who said his company an outsourcing company in Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia, “strongly affected by the failure was”.

“It made me realize how much hold to contact my business as a solution for customers and employees VOIP technology and Skype is,” he said.

“In General, Skype service is of a very high standard, but has not existence.”

He said, “not at all Skype join its employees” have been.

“We do accounting and tax for Australian accounting firms here in Kuala Lumpur, and during this crucial time in advance, we have seen the holidays if our capacity is up 100% Skype collapse, the mildly disappointing is.”

“We have started look at some alternatives, but Skype product is a part of our business for the last five years and having to switch to an alternative provider would be difficult, but we must, as a back-up plan, who after this incident.”

Om Malik, an industry commentator and editor of website, echo his statements.

“Skype is one of the most important applications of the modern Web,” he wrote.

“There is already a hit with consumers, and in the last few years there are part of the economic fabric for startups and small companies around the world.” I’m not sure that we can understand the productivity costs this outage.

“The failure comes at a time, when Skype starts to ask businesses for your business.” If I a big business, be extremely cautious about adopting Skype for business, particularly in the light of this current failure, I would be “Mr Malik added.”

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Microsoft warns on IE browser bug

December 25, 2010 Leave a comment

23 December 2010 last updated at 12: 27 pm Screengrab of Internet Explorer homepage, Microsoft Microsoft’s workaround for the IE bug protects all users of your Web browser. Microsoft has a warning about a serious vulnerability in all versions of its Internet Explorer (IE)-browser output.

If exploited from a booby-trapped website bug to allow over an unprotected computer attacker would.

Code that exploit the error has been published already, although Microsoft said it had no evidence to suggest it was currently used by tech criminals.

A workaround for the bug has produced were while Microsoft works on a permanent solution.

Code injection

The bug revolves around the way IE managed during processing of cascading a computer’s memory style sheets – a widely-used technology that defines the look and feel of pages on a site.

Tech criminals a computer have can, process long known that you use IE memory management to inject their own malicious code into the instruction how to use a browser. In this way the criminals can get your own code is executed and the abduction of a PC.

Microsoft has released updates that produced improves memory management but security researchers discovered that such protective systems will not be used when some older parts are called Windows.

In a statement, Microsoft said it was the error “Research” and work on a permanent solution. In the meantime he recommends a protection system that known as the enhanced mitigation experience Toolkit.

Installing and applying the Toolkit requires Windows XP users, update the version of the operating system use. But even if those who do some which gives it on Windows 7 and Vista user is protection not available.

“We are all possible attacks that attempt to use the alleged vulnerability or effect on customers, currently unaware,” said Dave forest Rome, the Director of Microsoft Trustworthy Computing Group, in a statement.

“As vulnerabilities are going this way most serious as allows remote execution of code,” said Rik Ferguson, senior security analyst at trend micro, “which means that the attacker can be executed programs, such as malware, directly on the computer of the victim.”

He added: “it’s very reminiscent of a vulnerability at the same time two years ago, several national Governments against using IE to warn and to an alternative browser, navigate to be asked.”

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Apple prohibits iPhone Wikileaks app

December 25, 2010 Leave a comment

22 December 2010 last updated at 11: 15 pm Wikileaks logo on iPhone material iPhone app free of charge can be accessed from the Wikileaks phone browser Apple offered has confirmed that it removed a Wikileaks iPhone app from your iTunes store.

Wikileaks app was an unofficial paid for download, gave it access of people to free Wikileaks Twitter feed and documents on your site.

It has been removed three days after it was launched on 17 December.

Apple said that the app which had became more than 4,000 downloads before his concluded “violated guidelines for developers”.

“Apps must comply with all local laws and may not individual or targeted group in harms way”, said a spokesman for the company.

Alien interest

The app Russian developer, Igor Barinov said that Apple had told him, two its guidelines specifically injured.

The first personal attacks States: “any app, that is defamatory, offensive, mean spirited or expected to be the targeted individual or group in harms way place is be rejected.”

The second says “apps with all legal requirements comply in any location where it shall be made users”.

“[Apple] said there is no way back for this application,” said Mr Barinov BBC News.

Reducing comes at a time when a number of companies – including Amazon, visa and MasterCard – services – including Web hosting and processing of donations – to Wikileaks removed.

They have on a number of attacks of corporate Web sites and services by a group of activists who invited call themselves anonymous.

Although the Wikileaks app was unofficial, Mr Barinov said that $1 for each $1.99 (£ 1.19) was channeled sales organization.

Mr Barinov said he created the app to support because he was interested in the leaked the organization can be included in documents, “Information about UFOs” Wikileaks.

Wikileaks apps are still available for other phones, such as running Google Android.

All material offered iPhone app by the wikileaks for free over the phone browser and other not Wikileaks applications accessible.

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Web attacks plague rights sites

December 25, 2010 Leave a comment

22 December 2010 last updated at 09: 41 pm Burmese protesters, AFP/Getty many protest groups are from Web attacks that effectively, haunted says silence human rights research groups and activists are started by huge web attacks by their views, finds research opponents hit hard.

Many Web-based campaign groups knocked offline for weeks by the attacks is who found it.

The researchers expect to increase the pace of attacks such as the tools and techniques be disseminated.

It calls to avoid human rights groups and independent media groups beef up your body’s defences victims.

Flash flood

Research where tried Berkman Center for Internet and society at Harvard University, a feeling how often human rights groups receive the and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks is known defeated independent media organizations through what.

DDoS attacks try to a Web site offline tap of overwhelming it with data.

In the 12 months between August 2009 and September 2010, the research found references to 140 attacks against more than 280 different websites. The report confirms that these were probably the most high-profile attacks and that more likely unreported went many.

“These attacks do seem to be increasing,” said Ethan Zuckerman, one of the authors of the report.

While some attacks were triggered by certain events such as elections, others had no obvious cause, he said.

The main story A distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack aims the sites InaccessibleThe attackers often use networks of compromised computers make next – known read a bot that you control the AttacksBy starting overwhelming the target site with requests, the attacker can ensure real visitors can the site thesis requirements look not as real Web traffic so hard to OutTypically filters can reach, these attacks have been aimed high profile sites such as those include government agencies, banks and political OrganisationsThe report a sustainable DDoS attack on Novaya Gazeta, the site of Russia’s most liberal independent newspaper cited.

Deputy executive editor Sergey Sokolov is unsure, who his site but suspect attacked government-funded Kremlin youth organisations.

The report notes that DDoS is used increasingly as a political tool and as a form of protest.

Recruit attacks of participants in so-called voluntary DDoS are popular prove.

The report gives the example of the organization ‘ help Israel win a software package or Patriot DDos, on their computers so that the machine could be used would invited to install individuals recently attacks which editors are in Palestinian objectives.

The most recent example of a voluntary DDoS comes by anonymous, a loose-knit group of activists who uses the method to launch attacks on the websites of the companies it perceived anti Wikileaks.

DDoS attacks take small groups of media could and difficult because the organizations have such limited resources, Mr Zuckerman said activists.

“If you are a human rights organization or independent media organization you may £ 20 per month include an account you paying for and its very difficult use at this level of hosting to DDoS prevent,” he told the BBC.

The attacks have not renewed he said will cause real problems for small campaigning groups.

“You have just it do long enough to annoy your ISP and you will kick-off and then at another place host, you will find”, said Mr Zuckerman. Simple tools

The work of some groups appears only on the Web, said Mr Zuckerman, so offline effectively tapping the activists to silence. It takes a long time for some finding a new host, content and build a Web site again.

He said: “We see sites that are not for two or three weeks back online.”

The report also found that DDoS attacks are often the most visible part of a much larger attack on a site or group.

“It is a very good chance if you experience DDoS filter you get targeted E-mail to your system or your passwords to snatch sent,” he said.

Mr Zuckerman said some report logged hundreds or thousands of PCs in a botnet DDoS attacks used – networks of hijacked computers – but others had just as big an effect with far fewer resources.

“There are certain attacks that seem to work if you have only one or two machines,” he said.

What can cause problems in the future he suggested would be easy to use tools such as the employees of anonymous activists support the Wikileaks.

“It seems like DDoS has become easier for more people to engage in,” he said. “The threats to do seem to be increasing.”

In response he said rights required groups work too hard to understand the threats and preparation in the event that you have been taken.

“This community needs to much smarter to get much much kenntnisreicher”, he said.

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