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Apple prohibits iPhone Wikileaks app

December 25, 2010 Leave a comment

22 December 2010 last updated at 11: 15 pm Wikileaks logo on iPhone material iPhone app free of charge can be accessed from the Wikileaks phone browser Apple offered has confirmed that it removed a Wikileaks iPhone app from your iTunes store.

Wikileaks app was an unofficial paid for download, gave it access of people to free Wikileaks Twitter feed and documents on your site.

It has been removed three days after it was launched on 17 December.

Apple said that the app which had became more than 4,000 downloads before his concluded “violated guidelines for developers”.

“Apps must comply with all local laws and may not individual or targeted group in harms way”, said a spokesman for the company.

Alien interest

The app Russian developer, Igor Barinov said that Apple had told him, two its guidelines specifically injured.

The first personal attacks States: “any app, that is defamatory, offensive, mean spirited or expected to be the targeted individual or group in harms way place is be rejected.”

The second says “apps with all legal requirements comply in any location where it shall be made users”.

“[Apple] said there is no way back for this application,” said Mr Barinov BBC News.

Reducing comes at a time when a number of companies – including Amazon, visa and MasterCard – services – including Web hosting and processing of donations – to Wikileaks removed.

They have on a number of attacks of corporate Web sites and services by a group of activists who invited call themselves anonymous.

Although the Wikileaks app was unofficial, Mr Barinov said that $1 for each $1.99 (£ 1.19) was channeled sales organization.

Mr Barinov said he created the app to support because he was interested in the leaked the organization can be included in documents, “Information about UFOs” Wikileaks.

Wikileaks apps are still available for other phones, such as running Google Android.

All material offered iPhone app by the wikileaks for free over the phone browser and other not Wikileaks applications accessible.

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