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Microsoft warns on IE browser bug

December 25, 2010 Leave a comment

23 December 2010 last updated at 12: 27 pm Screengrab of Internet Explorer homepage, Microsoft Microsoft’s workaround for the IE bug protects all users of your Web browser. Microsoft has a warning about a serious vulnerability in all versions of its Internet Explorer (IE)-browser output.

If exploited from a booby-trapped website bug to allow over an unprotected computer attacker would.

Code that exploit the error has been published already, although Microsoft said it had no evidence to suggest it was currently used by tech criminals.

A workaround for the bug has produced were while Microsoft works on a permanent solution.

Code injection

The bug revolves around the way IE managed during processing of cascading a computer’s memory style sheets – a widely-used technology that defines the look and feel of pages on a site.

Tech criminals a computer have can, process long known that you use IE memory management to inject their own malicious code into the instruction how to use a browser. In this way the criminals can get your own code is executed and the abduction of a PC.

Microsoft has released updates that produced improves memory management but security researchers discovered that such protective systems will not be used when some older parts are called Windows.

In a statement, Microsoft said it was the error “Research” and work on a permanent solution. In the meantime he recommends a protection system that known as the enhanced mitigation experience Toolkit.

Installing and applying the Toolkit requires Windows XP users, update the version of the operating system use. But even if those who do some which gives it on Windows 7 and Vista user is protection not available.

“We are all possible attacks that attempt to use the alleged vulnerability or effect on customers, currently unaware,” said Dave forest Rome, the Director of Microsoft Trustworthy Computing Group, in a statement.

“As vulnerabilities are going this way most serious as allows remote execution of code,” said Rik Ferguson, senior security analyst at trend micro, “which means that the attacker can be executed programs, such as malware, directly on the computer of the victim.”

He added: “it’s very reminiscent of a vulnerability at the same time two years ago, several national Governments against using IE to warn and to an alternative browser, navigate to be asked.”

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